May 17, 2016

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In 2014, a girl's bunk from Indian Head Camp wanted to share why they felt so lucky to be able to call camp their home every summer. So they made a short film comparing what their summer days would have been like if it wasn't for camp.

It was refreshing to hear them make fun of some of their own bad habits like worrying about what a selfie looked like or spending way too much time with technology. The consensus seemed to be that without camp, they all would be spending way too much time worrying about how they looked, and how many 'likes' they got online.

"At camp, we don't have to worry about what we look like or what we're going to post online because no one here has any access to that stuff, and really, no one cares. It's just about having fun with your best friends, and making every day count—because soon, we won't have summer camp days left! Sad face."

This year these same girls will be counselors in training (CITs), and they will be spreading their positive message to the rest of camp.