Mar 08, 2017

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Don’t they miss their children unbearably?  

Of course they do, but that’s what makes summer camp an incredibly generous and selfless gift. Summer camp isn’t for parents (unless you count our family camp weekend), it’s for their children—and it’s an experience that is so grand and delicate it’s almost impossible to describe. 

That’s precisely why we asked some of our families to sit down with us and talk about why they chose summer camp, and why they call Indian Head Camp in The Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania their second home.

The answers were unique to each family, but as you can see and hear in the video above, there are also a lot of similarities. Here’s what we heard when we asked our families: Why summer camp? 

Exposure To a Little of Everything

Summer camps like Indian Head give campers a reason to go outside and play outside. We are able to provide structured activities and free play (like having the whole block to yourself with your friends) in a natural environment.  Our campers are provided with the opportunity to grow emotionally, physically & mentally by challenging themselves in a variety of activities.

While many camps offer athletics, the waterfront, and arts and crafts as Indian Head does, we also offer a vast experience in our outdoor adventure offering. On any given day campers will be playing sports with friends, creating complex and beautiful works of art, sliding down our huge slide into the lake, or going on a kayaking trip down the Delaware river! 

No Technology At Camp

No technology is allowed at Indian Head, and so instead of having their faces glued to a screen, they are instead playing and learning from each other.  In a world where technology limits our face to face interaction with one another, we believe this opportunity to be priceless.

What did our families say?

“It’s amazing that they don't have any technology at camp, it's nice to take a break.” Indian Head doesn’t allow any cell phones, computers, or internet access to campers during camp—but they do write letters home and have scheduled times to catch-up with family members over the phone. 

A Family Tradition

Many of our campers are at Indian Head because their parents or other close family members attended Indian Head. One family met at camp and then eventually got married, had kids, and then sent both their kids to camp. We have parents and family members who are alumni from other camps and after doing their research, found Indian Head to be the best fit for their family today.

One of our parents, a camp owner himself, chooses to send his son to Indian Head. In the video he says, "Knowing camps and knowing the business, where else would you send your child?" 

New and Diverse Friends and Counselors 

Summer camp lets kids meet new friends that they aren't used to at their school or home neighborhood. One of our parents shared, "Everyone gets defined where they live at home, whereas you come to camp and the whole focus here is not being defined. It’s about trying new things and being yourself and accepting that." 

Additionally, Indian Head hires the best counselors from all over the world, so campers are exposed to a variety of faces, accents, and world views. 

One of our Moms said, "All the counselors are warm and engaging and they're fun and they really just want to have a great time with the kids."

Not Worrying About Your Kids

“This is a safe haven when you have a sixteen-year-old daughter. You don't have to worry about what she's doing every night. You know that they're in a supervised environment, you sleep better.”

Independence and Confidence

Camp gives kids a new opportunity to learn to play, work, and live with others. One of our Dads said, “Learning to communicate. By working out all the problems they'll inevitably going to have by being in a bunk with other kids, they're learning about real life and how to deal with each other, and they're doing it in a fun way.”


We understand how difficult of a decision it is to send your kids to camp. That’s why we welcome you to book a tour, meet our directors, and see the magic of camp for yourselves! 

And what do our parents say about being unsure about camp? “Give your child a chance, because it's really more  your own insecurities than theirs.”

We look forward to welcoming you home soon!