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IT Director

Aaron's journey unfolds against the backdrop of central Pennsylvania, where he spent his formative years working on the family farm during the summers and immersing himself in outdoor activities at the local Boy Scout Camp.

His academic pursuits led him to Central Wyoming College, where he studied and graduated with a degree in Outdoor Education and Leadership, which included a transformative semester with NOLS in the backcountry for 93 days, solidifying his commitment to the outdoors. Furthering his education, Aaron earned a teaching degree in secondary education with a focus on History at Ottawa College. He also obtained various certifications including Act 235, FAA drone pilot, CDL, and PA amusement inspector.

In 2009, Aaron joined the Camp IHC family, anticipating a new opportunity within the camping world. Little did he know that this decision would lead to more than just a job; he found his life partner, Casey, and embraced the unexpected journey of raising a child within the close-knit community of Camp IHC.

Over the course of 15+ years, Aaron has worn many hats at Camp IHC, starting as an Outdoor Living Skills and progressing to roles such as OPT, OPT Director, Operations, and ultimately becoming the Director of Security and IT Director.

During the summer, Aaron oversees the camp's security and ensures connectivity with the outside world. What he loves most about his role is the daily challenge and variety it brings, allowing him to thrive in problem-solving and contribute to the smooth functioning of Camp IHC. In the vibrant tapestry of Aaron's life, from the hills of Pennsylvania to the bustling camp life at IHC, his story weaves a narrative of passion, dedication, unexpected connections, and a relentless pursuit of growth.