Where is Camp IHC Located?

Camp IHC is located in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, nestled in the beautiful Endless Mountains. Camp IHC is 17 miles north of Honesdale, Pennsylvania and approximately 2 hours from New York City by car.

How does the Program work?

IHC is a traditional, full season resident camp, which provides quality instruction and encourages participation.

Though IHC is a co-ed camp, most activities are not co-ed. Campers are scheduled by age group and gender so that the level of instruction is appropriate to each group. This allows us to place an emphasis on high-quality skill development. Each camper participates in a balanced program of activities and instruction in sports, arts, aquatics and outdoor adventures.

In addition to the regular daily schedule, campers choose one activity a week to specialize in, for one period each day. This choice period is called Club and Clinic, and is designed to maximize the various talents of the Indian Head staff as well as the interests of the campers. Club and Clinic provides a natural break from the pattern of scheduled activities.

As campers get older, opportunity for activity selection increases. Another break in the schedule is provided through Special Events, held once a week. Campers always look forward to special events, such as Backwards Day, Wacky Water Day, Carnival, Campopoly, etc.

Would you say IHC is structured or non-structured, competitive or non-competitive?

In most ways, Camp IHC is a "structured" camp. We have set schedules so that children know what they will be doing each day.

In general, IHC offers a well-rounded, dynamic program, which is designed to keep youngsters involved and excited. All campers at IHC have choice in their program, and staff members offer a great deal of guidance and encouragement to ensure that campers select appropriate activities, and then follow through with their choices.

As campers mature, they are given more and more opportunities to spend additional time in areas of particular interest, and really customize their program. Although we are not a highly competitive camp, there is plenty of opportunity for healthy competition at Camp IHC. We have weekly intra-mural leagues and schedule many inter-camp games for teams in every sport.

Although everyone likes to win, our primary goals are to give youngsters the chance to play games in the sports they select and to foster the development of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our philosophy ensures that IHC's Program provides extensive competitive opportunities for those campers who desire that challenge.

How many campers are there and how is Camp divided?

There are approximately 650 campers at IHC, organized as follows:

The size of each camp allows us to provide a very personal, close-knit atmosphere and a great deal of individual attention. Each part of camp is further broken into smaller divisions, assigned by grade completed in school. Lake Camp at Camp IHC offers young campers, entering grade 2 through 7, a broad range of exciting experiences.

The Lake Camp program is designed to help children develop basic skills and build the foundations for further development as they mature. Lake campers have the opportunity to sample the widest possible array of activities.

As campers get older, the elective portion of the program increases. Teenagers have different needs and skill levels than younger children. Therefore, in Hill Camp youngsters, entering grades 8 through 10, find opportunities for new and different experiences appropriate to their age and maturity.

In Hill Camp, youngsters can individualize their summer program by choosing elective activities that give them more time in the areas they enjoy the most. However, group activities are also provided in order to maintain a strong feeling of friendship, camaraderie and community.

Is there inter-camp competition & do you have to "make" the team?

Throughout the summer, campers have numerous opportunities to participate in Inter-camp Games and Tournaments against other camps. There is inter-camp competition with other camps in our region in athletic activities such as:

  • Tennis
  • Roller Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Lacrosse
  • Dance

There are no "try-outs” to be on the teams. Though everyone enjoys winning, our priority is for campers to have the opportunity to be involved, try their best and to feel good about themselves.

Who makes up the Staff at IHC?

A great amount of time and attention is given to hiring qualified instructors and nurturing counselors. Extensive staff interviews test for the core competencies necessary to be successful camp counselors. Staff members are recruited from universities across the United States and Canada.

In addition, a small, but enthusiastic band of international staff are hired each year to add richness to the camping experience. The average age of our staff members is 22. With a camper-to-staff ratio of 3:1, counselors have the opportunity to provide each camper with ample personal attention.

Is Camp IHC a uniform camp?

IHC is not a uniform camp. However, this does not mean that there is "clothes competition." The dress is very casual and camp appropriate.

We send a suggested clothing and equipment list to help you in your packing. There is a modest amount of required uniform for sports games, trips and special events. Staff members are required to wear an IHC Staff T-shirt during the activity day.

Are there any religious services at the camp?

No, we do not have any religious services at Camp IHC. However, we do join together for a traditional Friday night dinner, followed by a community evening at the campfire site. IHC accepts and welcomes children and staff from all backgrounds, religions and faiths.

What are the cabins like at camp?

Cabins at Camp IHC are beautiful. They are nicely appointed and well maintained. All cabins have toilets, showers and electricity.

What time do campers get up in the morning and when is bedtime?

This varies by age: wake-up for Lake Campers is 7:30 and wake-up for Hill campers is 8:00.

Bedtime varies by age as well. Our youngest campers are in bed by 9:00 PM.

As campers get older, their time for lights out gets progressively later, with teenage campers having lights out beginning at 10:15 PM. Click here for daily schedule.

Do all campers eat at the same time?

We have two sittings for breakfast and dinner. Lake Campers eat at the first seating and our older Hill Campers eat at the second. We have a Buffet Lunch every day, with older and younger campers eating at the same time. This lunchtime together helps to enhance a feeling of family among all the campers.

How is the food?

The food at camp is excellent. There are always a wide variety of choices, such as salad, fruit and pasta bars, in addition to our entree. IHC took major steps last summer to become one of the safest, healthies, nut-free camps in the country. We are trained to handle all types of dietary requirements and allergens. Our recently renovated kitchen now has separate areas to handle allergies and our new food director has taken our menu to the next level.

Where do most IHC Campers come from?

We welcome campers from many states. Certain geographic areas are represented more heavily than others, since most of our campers hear about IHCthrough friendships with current camp families.

Our largest group comes from the Northeast and Florida. However, we have campers from Maryland, Virginia and as far away as Utah, Arizona and California.

How do the children get to camp?

IHC provides round-trip transportation from several locations in the New York Metropolitan area. Campers living outside the Metropolitan area fly to one of the New York airports, where they are met and transported to camp.

Do you have any introductory programs?

Camp IHC offers Dream Week, a 4 day-3 night introduction to the sleep-away experience. Dream Week campers are exposed to a broad spectrum of summer activities. The program is designed for prospective campers who are entering 2nd and 3rd grades.

The goal of Dream Week is to help youngsters feel comfortable about their first independent group living experience. Dream Week takes place during the regular camping season.

Are there any programs for new and returning campers in the “off season?”

Camp IHC has an extensive offering of “off season” programs beginning with the Fall Foliage Picnic at camp. Additional programs include reunions, a winter weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge, tickets to professional sporting events, Family Camp held at IHC over the Memorial Day weekend and the Spring Family Picnic day at camp on the first Saturday in June.

You can keep track of all our upcoming events here.