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Finance & Administration


Bart has been working at Camp IHC since he followed his wife Katie (the head nurse at IHC) to camp in 2008. After Bart got a taste of camp, he and his wife managed to quit their jobs and be at camp full-time. Bart is currently camp's accountant and chief paperwork officio. 

Bart was born and raised in Montana, and never planned on leaving his beloved home state. As chance would have it, he did end up leaving—when he joined the Army out of high school and served in the Infantry and Military Intelligence. 

Bart received his BS in Business from Montana State University in 2001, and tried to work anywhere and everywhere for the next seven years, looking for the perfect fit. Now, working at Camp IHC for the last 10 years, Bart would be the first to admit, “I think I found it." 

 One of his biggest regrets in life is that he didn’t discover IHC when he was 18 years old!