Counselors in Training

For Grades 11

Giving back to the special place that has given them so much.

Our Counselors in training are oart camper but also at the age where they are beginning to develop real counseling skills while also learning to appreciate the importance of giving back to their community through social good. 

The Counselor In Training (CIT) Program is geared to offer campers a fantastic camp experience, while also helping them transition into the role they’ve admired for years—a true camp counselor. CITs get a chance to give back to their camp, while also leading efforts in fundraising for charities like Projet Morry & SCOPE. During this summer they have a focus on working on positive impact projects in their communities. At IHC we are passionate about giving back and our CIT's help lead the way.

The Counselors in training also spend spend their days in serious discussion about day-to-day camp responsibilities, and receive leadership training throughout the summer. They get to test their training first-hand as they spearhead two major camp-wide special events—SING and Olympics.

The transition from camper to counselor can often be difficult. As some of our campers have said, “It is tough to work somewhere that has always been a great place to play”. In light of this and Camp IHC’s commitment to bridging the years between being a camper and a responsible counselor, the CIT Program provides one of the critical building blocks towards successfully making this transition.


SING splits the camp into three CIT-lead teams where they are asked to write a variety of songs, dances, performances, and skits. The event requires the teams to create costumes and backgrounds for their performances incorporating a number of the creative arts activities that are offered at camp. Campers sing and perform their hearts out, while the CITs learn about becoming great leaders, being organized, and putting on a great show.


The Olympics is a camp tradition that goes back almost a century and incorporates all of the campers' favorite activities and sports into one major four-day event. The campers are split into two teams and cheer, compete, and celebrate each other throughout the entire time. Two particular events stand out more than most, as the annual Rope Burn and Pioneering competitions are events that are anticipated all summer long. They have yet to disappoint.

When we think of our childhood and teen summer years, it's all about camp. In addition, we were extremely impressed with Camp IHC's facilities and serene friendly environment.

Marni G.

We send our kids to camp to live in the moment, to make the best of each day, and to appreciate being outdoors and trying new things. They learn confidence, responsibility, teamwork, loyalty, and develop life-long friendships. From this experience they get a second family with great role models where they learn great life skills and important values.Camp just makes them happy, and IHC is truly part of who they are!

Wendy and Artie E.

We send our kids to Camp IHC because it's the perfect balance between old school philosophies and modern day thinking. We think our kids get to experience a freedom of expression and an outlet that is different from their day-to-day life during the school year.

Beth L.

I attended IHC camp for seven summers and words cannot describe the experiences I had at that place. In just a few words camp was awesome, amazing, and I can truly say one of the best experiences of my life.

Lucas P.

We send our kids to IHC because it provides them with an opportunity to grow and develop in a nurturing and fun environment. We have seen all three of our children return from summer camp with confidence, poise, and high levels of self esteem.

Melanie and Brad B.

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