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Joel and Lauren met and fell in love at camp and are devoted parents to their beautiful sons Oakley, Mac, and Xander. Joel and Lauren feel blessed to be closely linked to David and Shelley at both a personal and professional level. In 2008, the natural progression for David and Shelley and for the continual growth of Indian Head, involved Joel and Lauren assuming directorship and ownership of camp.

Joel has assumed many roles at Indian Head including, Accountant, Basketball Specialist, Group Leader, Counselor In Training Program Director, Head Counselor and Associate Director. Indeed, Joel is amongst the few people in this day and age who can claim to have worked for the same organization his whole professional life. Joel is largely responsible for the development of Indian Head's programs over the last ten years, and his vision and energy for the continued evolution of the summer camp experience has brought Indian Head to new levels. Joel has developed strong relationships with Indian Head families, and has become synonymous with the Indian Head Camp experience.

Over the past few years, Lauren and Joel have become the main point of contact for all campers and their families, and continue to be devoted to Indian Head Camp, its history, and to all the traditions that make camp so special.