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Marketing Director

Liam joined the IHC family in 2018 with a vision to tell the best summer camp stories in the world. Together he helped launch Childhood Unlimited & The Best Summer Jobs with us. 


Canadian born, Scottish raised and now living in his dream location of New York City, Liam was born to travel. Much like Lauren, his summer camp career also started out as a tennis coach in 2013.


After completing his Honors Degree in Broadcast Production & English he quickly went on to work in the television industry on a variety of roles for major production companies that included the BBC, Channel 4, Remedy Productions, ITV & MTV.


After watching the TV show ‘Mad Men’ he decided he wanted to move into the creative world of advertising, branding, content & design. He quit his TV job and started working as a freelance copywriter & videographer, building up a portfolio of brands before moving to England to work as a digital marketing specialist at a global travel company that helps market cultural exchange opportunities around the world. That job led him to IHC today. 


During the summer Liam is our Head of Media, responsible for all the amazing photographs, videos and stories that we share.


In the off-season he helps with the marketing and creative for all of our brands and websites. So make sure to check our social channels to see what his media team has been up to!