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Media Director & Marketing

Liam joined the IHC family in May 2018 with a vision to tell the best summer camp stories in the country. Together he helped launch Childhood Unlimited with us. 

Canadian born and Scottish raised, Liam was born to travel. Much like Lauren, his summer camp career also started out as a tennis coach. After completing his Honors Degree in Broadcast Production & English he worked in the television industry in a variety of roles for major production companies. Passionate about photography, film, design and adventure he moved on to join a global travel company to help market cultural exhange opportunities around the world. That job led him to IHC today. 

During the summer Liam is responsible for all the amazing photographs, videos and stories that we share. In the off-season he helps run the marketing side of things, so make sure to check our social channels to see what he's been up to. 

We're excited to have him as part of the IHC leadership team.