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Tribe West / CIT Head Counselor

Suzi has been with Camp IHC for more than twenty years. Suzi came to us from Melbourne, Australia. With her background in outdoor adventure, Suzi landed a role at IHC as an outdoor adventure specialist in 2000.  


Suzi was looking to travel and heard great things about camp. Her intention was to only spend one summer abroad and at camp. Little did she know that not only would it become her life's work, that she would also meet her future husband and relocate to the USA permanently. Suzi and her Husband Mark currently reside half the year in Colorado (naturally given their love for the outdoors) and the other half at camp. 


Not only did Suzi work in the Outdoor Adventure program, she has also led a group of teens out west and has been the ‘Village Director’ overseeing IHC West and CITs. Suzi recently moved to a Logistical role overseeing and planning all off camp excursions which consist of day trips to a 30 day trip. 


Suzi loves to travel and feels inspired to share her experiences with others. The IHC west adventure (30 day teen tour) has been developed over the years with Suzi’s first hand knowledge and experience. She loves to hear campers tell stories of all the wonderful places and adventures that they got to experience. Even though Suzi is no longer the Village director, most often than not, you will find her hanging in The Village with the IHC West and CIT campers. The ‘Village’ is Suzi’s happy place on camp.