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Tribe West / CIT Head Counselor


Suzi has been with Camp IHC for more than sixteen years, and is currently the IHC West Director and Counselor In Training (CIT) programs. Suzi was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and studied outdoor education. With her background in outdoor adventure, Suzi landed a role on the IHC outdoor adventure team, where she met her husband Mark.  

When she first began, Suzi was looking to travel and heard great things about camp, but she only planned on spending one summer there. Little did she know that not only would it become her life's work, but that she would also begin her family there by marrying Mark. 

Suzi is proud to have the opportunity to work with the two oldest divisions at camp, and knows that even though everyone calls their part of camp 'The Village," it's really just code for "Suzi Town."