The Hill

For Grades 8 – 9

As the campers get older, they have the opportunity to define and customize their own camp experience, while also venturing out to new places and on new adventures.

While Hill Campers stick to a similar schedule as the younger divisions at camp, the option to customize their day makes it intentionally less predictable. By offering this kind of program for adolescents, Camp IHC balances the spirit of a traditional camp community with age-appropriate experiences. It gives the campers milestones to look forward to while they’re in the younger divisions.


We adopt the idea of progressional programming meaning that our Hill Campers can individualize their summer program by choosing elective activities three days a week, giving them more time in the areas they enjoy most. These days are organized in groups in order to maintain a strong feeling of friendship and camaraderie. The Hill Campers also have big on-camp events like Survivor and College Days that really get them going!


There are times that the older campers also serve as role models for younger campers by exercising leadership in “all-camp” special events.


Hill Camp enjoys a wide array of trip experiences. Beginning with adventures in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, campers go on rock climbing and mountain biking overnights where they finish their day around a campfire in the woods. There are also 4 day trips to places like Boston and Vermont keep camp life exciting for our older campers. The tripping program culminates with our unique IHC West Program, a four-week trip throughout the western United States.

Lincoln Pond & Saranac Lake

Campers join the outdoor adventure specialists (OPT) on a multi-day trip to the beautiful Adirondacks in upstate New York. They'll go on hikes with breathtaking views, jump in crystal clear water, climb through caves, and camp under the stars. And that's just day one!


A two day event that separates all of Hill Camp into ten teams, and tests the campers mentally, physically, and on their ability to support their teammates no matter what the obstacle. One of the most anticipated events of the summer!


The campers get a little break from the outdoors and the camp life as they explore the big city and everything it has to offer! Tours, fancy dinners, and even a trip to Fenway Park!

The Mets

The Hill Campers take a trip to Binghamton to watch the Mets play some minor league baseball! Hotdog anyone?


Our Hill campers spend 4 days exploring Vermont and have an unlimited amount of fun. From the Ben & Jerry's to restaurants to amusement parks.

Don’t be reluctant to do something new, or try something you’ve always been afraid to do. You’ll come back from the summer satisfied, happy, well-rested, motivated, and excited for the next summer to come.

Alex J.

I can't choose my favorite part of camp because I love every minute of it. I would tell a friend that it's the greatest experience that you can't get anywhere else.

Emmie L.

The OPT adventure trips are definitely one of my favorite parts of the summer. Another favorite is Olympics because you get to compete in games and activities while still communicating with friends and sharing the experience with the other team.

Ben M.

I send my kids to sleep away camp for the opportunities it offers them—independence, incredible fun, pride in themselves, learning to live with others, an experience all their own and separate from their parents, and ultimately their greatest childhood memories.

Jennifer C.

Camp IHC is a home, they take you in and treat you like a family. At camp, it's not friends you have, it’s a second family. Your bunk of boys or girls are your brothers and sisters, and you counselors, well—they're your parents.

Lucas P.

Camp is a unique experience different from any class you can enroll them in. They get to discover a side to them that they don't know exists, and camp allows them to meet and interact with people that are different than their friends at home. An experience that will help them in life as they get older.

Dave and Natalie B.

I love going to camp because it's a place where I am loved as much as I am loved at home and I feel like it's a special place where I get to hang out with really cool people. I also get to make the best memories there!

Giuliana B.

If I was telling a new friend to come to camp, I would tell them that you will never want to leave and you will spend all year looking forward to coming back!

David B.

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